Fullstack Authorization
as a service

For developers building cloud-native B2B products authorizon takes away the pain of constantly rebuilding permissions and access control.

authorizon is powered by open-source with OPA + OPAL at its heart. Built for developers, ready for security and product teams.

Make Auth-Z easy

Bake in authorization across your stack, as easy as dropping in a microservice or an SDK. Focus on your product, without needing to rebuild basic functionality. Enable multi-tenancy, RBAC, ABAC, and more in a snap.

Power-up your access

Power your app with everything you need for permissions and access-control: infrastructure, back-office, and UI elements right out of the box.

Adopt the best practices

Upgrade to a modern stack with ease.
- Decouple policy and code
- Update in realtime
- Unify with a system of record
- Manage your AuthZ lifecycle with GitOps
- API/UI interfaces for stakeholders

Build with open-source

Enjoy the amazing performance and power of Open-Policy-Admin-Layer and Open-Policy-Agent. Work with the confidence of open-source and the developer community.

The next step in the IAM waterfall

Seamlessly connecting upstream to authentication and identity management via JWTs, authorizon enables fullstack authorization, roles and permissions for your application without you having to build anything. Bake-in authorization in minutes, migrate existing applications within a day, and gradually grow as you go.

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Our team is passionate about great software, developer-tools, open-source, and amazing customer experiences.
We are engineers/cybersec experts, with decades of experience each, from leading organizations including:

IDF intel. corps

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Baruch Sadogursky

Head of Dev Advocacy at JFrog

Dan Benger

Co-Founder Codefresh, Co-Founder BlazeMeter

Danny Grander

Co-Founder at Snyk

Barak Schoster

Co-Founder at BridgeCrew

Idan Tendler

Co-Founder at BridgeCrew

Guy Eisenkot

Co-Founder at BridgeCrew

Shimon Tolts

Co-Founder at Datree, AWS community Hero

Amir Jerbi

Co-Founder and CTO at Aqua Security

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